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Welcome to the Global Innovation Partnerships forum

The visit of leading European venture capitalists and business leaders to Russia will introduce foreign investors to the Russian innovation landscape and new financial institutions, share best practices of the international venture investment industry and explore mutual interests.

About the forum

Anatoly Chubais

Chairman, Executive Board RUSNANO

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
On behalf of RUSNANO, I would like to welcome you to Moscow. It is a privilege to have such an illustrious delegation of European venture capital professionals and corporation representatives visit.

RUSNANO is responsible for establishing innovative high-technology business in Russia. Our company originated in 2007 as a state corporation designed to commercialize promising nanotechnology developments through coinvestments in nanoindustry projects. Earlier this spring, RUSNANO was reorganized as a government-owned open joint-stock company. To date, RUSNANO has approved in 107 projects in clean energy, medicine, new materials, mechanical engineering, electronics, and other areas. The projects have aggregate budgets of €8.8 billion of which RUSNANO will co-invest €3.6 billion. More than €1.6 billion has already been distributed to qualified projects. RUSNANO is eager to use its expertise to attract and co-finance international enterprises. Already more than 25 international projects involving 12 countries have begun. RUSNANO is interested in creating mutually beneficial undertakings with European venture capitalists—global investment funds and joint projects to manufacture nano-enabled products. Our criteria are straightforward: nanotechnology involvement, commercial viability, and implementation largely in the Russian Federation.

With one of the largest markets in Europe and the determination of country leaders to modernize the economy, Russia offers a lucrative venue for high-tech products. On the production side, our base for innovation includes a wealth of sophisticated scientists. Innovative technologies incubate as rapidly in the regions as they do in the capital cities. Starting production facilities in Russia can be a springboard to global markets. In fact, all RUSNANO-financed international projects are targeted to reach that goal. To streamline Russia’s environment for innovation, RUSNANO has partnered with other institutions for development, foremost Skolkovo Fund and Russian Venture Company. We invite you to join us.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoly Chubais,
Chairman, Executive Board

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