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Oná2-4 October the largest delegation ofáventure capital investors and heads ofáinvestor associations from China, Hong Kong, South Korea will visit the Third źGlobal Innovation Partnerships╗ Forum ináMoscow.

The delegation includes representatives ofáventure capital funds and private equity funds managing over $60ábln. Management ofáthe largest Asian investor associationsጠwith total joint funds under management exceeding $800 blnጠwill also visit Russia. Among participants: CITIC Capital Holding, SAIF Partners, CDH Investments, Northern Light Venture Capital, Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd, Sequoia Capital China, China Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, STIC Investments and Korean Venture Capital Association.

The Forum organized byáRussiaĺs largest development institutions RUSNANO, RVC and the Skolkovo Foundation aims toáassess the prospects for Asian investment ináRussian hi-tech projects. Asian delegation will meet Russian and Moscow officials, Russiaĺs leading innovation businesses, and visit RUSNANO and Skolkovo.

Venture capital investors from the US, Israel, Japan and Europe already operating successfully ináthe Russian market. Russia isáalso interested ináincreasing cooperation ináthis field with Pacific region companies. źAsian corporations take decisions based onácareful analysis. But once they made aádecision, itáisálong lasting and successful╗, comments Viktor Vekselberg, Skolkovo President.

źBuilding relationships with Asian venture capitalists isávery important toáus. Communicating with each other, understanding similarities and differences between our practices ináinvestment and management isáthe first and necessary step inácreating mutually beneficial business partnerships╗,ጠsaid Anatoly Chubais, CEO ofáRUSNANO.

źThe past two years have shown good growth ináthe Russian venture capital market. More thaná70% ofáthe transactions ináthe Russian market were carried out with foreign equity funds. Further development ofáthe venture capital market ináRussia will contribute toáthe increase ofáinvestorsĺ presence ináthe market, and expand their expertise╗, said Igor Agamirzian, CEO ofáRVC.

Iná2010áUS venture capitalists visited Forum and European entrepreneurs visited Moscow iná2011. These visits resulted ináhi-tech investment projects ofámore than $1ábln.

Iná2011, 25áinternational funds invested $á710 mln ináRussian innovation companies. Russiaĺs industry leaders ináterms ofáventure capital investment iná2011 were information and communication technologies, Internet-based projects.

Source: RVC, RUSNANO, Skolkovo Foundation

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