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RUSSIAN VENTURE CAPITAL ASSOCIATION (RVCA) is the first professional organization uniting the representatives of venture capital and private equity funds in Russia.

RVCAs mission is to contribute to PE&VC markets formation and development in Russia, activation of innovative activity and rising competitiveness of real sector of the Russian economy.

RVCAs goals are:

  • to create a political and entrepreneurial environment favorable for investment activity in Russia;
  • to represent RVCAs interests in political and administrative agencies, in mass media, in financial and industrial circles in Russia and abroad;
  • to provide informational support and to create communicative forums for Russian venture market players;
  • to create the stratum of up-to-date experts qualified to work in venture capital funds and small innovative companies.

RVCA is an associate member of European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA), a member of the Council of National Venture Capital Associations of Europe; it maintains direct contacts with all foreign venture capital associations.

The key projects:

  • Russian Venture Fair ( a largest-scale international event in Russian PE&VC industry, a contact area for professional investors and owners and managers of Russian companies seeking venture capital for their businesses.
  • Venture Russia Internet portal ( an informational and analytical resource targeted at integrate, efficient, and unbiased interpretation of informational picture of PE&VC market in the country and abroad.
  • Annual analytical Russian Private Equity Market reviews, informational and tutorial publications (including in translation from English) which contribute to improving entrepreneurial culture of Russian managers.

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