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Innovative infrastructure development is a paramount task for russian economical advancement

Such an opinion was brought out by Igor Agamirzian, General Director of RVC, speaking at the Forum «Global Innovation Partnerships-2012» held in Moscow on October 2-4, 2012.

According to Mr. Igor Agamirzian, development of innovative activities in Russia should be decisive in competitive growth of the national economy. «RVC helps to create opportunities required for commercialization of scientific research results, and also Russian potential into the global economy», said Igor Agamirzian.

Within the framework of the forum they held a panel discussion «Innovation Infrastructure Development» with participation of Andrey Vvedensky, Director of RVC Infrastructure and Regional Development Department, Sergey Makarov, Head of RVC Infrastructure development, and Alexander Loktev, Director of RVC InfraFund.

Sergey Makarov presented major components of innovative ecological system. According to him, this structure comprises inventors, research centers, universities, business angels, entrepreneurs, technology parks, venture capital funds, banks, and various state backing funds. Sergey Makarov pointed out that technology development engineers are often afraid to lose intellectual property rights, however, they shall first identify where exercise of those rights starts and where it ends.

«Businessmen should improve their entrepreneurial skills and understand how to formalize their business ideas», said S. Makarov.

At RVC business section «Investment Agenda and Portfolio», Yan Ryazantsev, Investments Director, RVC and Mikhail Tsygankov, RVC’s Chief Investment Portfolio Manager, presented the company’s investment structure to delegates from Korea, China and Hong Kong. They remarked that RVC is both a fund and one of institutes for development. RVC administers more than $1 bln. In cooperation with private investors, RVC establishes 12 venture capital funds.

At the panel discussion «Russian Venture and Private Equity Markets: Investment Climate and Growth Potential», professor of the New School of Economics, Konstantin Sonin, presented a survey of the Russian economy. Konstantin Sonin pointed out that the national economy continues to ascend in financial services sector, retail business, real estate development, Internet and e-commerce, and health service.

Within the framework of the same discussion, Aleksey Germanovich from the Russian Direct Investment Fund said that the recently established Russian-Chinese Investment Fund shall play a key role in priming of Russian and Chinese economies. 70% of fund resources will be channeled for implementation of special projects in Russia and CIS countries, and 30% for Chinese projects with participation of Russian companies. The Fund was established within the scope of President Putin visit to China on the June 5, 2012. Russian and Chinese parties invested by $1 bln each and $1-2 bln will be attracted from external sources.

At the same panel, Lindsay Forbes representing EBRD said that Russia is in a very active phase of development, private enterprise grows rapidly. Demand on the part of the population also picks up. This progress will be observed for the next decades.

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